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Title: Genetic Diversity and Demographic History of Wild and Cultivated/Naturalised Plant Populations: Evidence from Dalmatian Sage (Salvia officinalis L., Lamiaceae)

Authors: Resetnik, I., Baricevic, D., Rusu, D.B., Carovic-Stanko, K., Chatzopoulou, P., Dajic-Stevanovic, Z., Gonceariuc, M., Grdisa, M., Greguras, D., Ibraliu, A., Jug-Dujakovic, M., Krasniqi, E., Liber, Z., Murtic, S., Pecanac, D., Radosavljevic, I., Stefkov, G., Stesevic, D., Sostaric, I., Satovic, Z.

Journal: 2016, Plos One 11(7): e0159545




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