Publication of research paper

Title: Microsatellite based assignment reveals history of extirpated mountain ungulate

Authors: Safner, T., Buzan, E., Iacolina, L., Potušek, S., Rezić, A., Sindičić, M., Kavčić, K., Šprem, N.

Journal: Genetica, 148: 41-46

Year: 2020

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Publication of research paper

Title: Performance of grapevine grown on reclaimed Mediterranean karst land: Appearance and duration of high temperature events and effects of irrigation

Authors: Romić, D., Karoglan Kontić, J., Preiner, D., Romić, M., Lazarević, B., Maletić, E., Ondrašek, G., Andabaka, Ž., Bakić Begić, H., Bubalo Kovačić, M., et al.

Journal: Agricultural Water Management, 236: 1-12


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Publication of research paper

Title: Physiological Responses of Basil (Ocimum Basilicum L.) Cultivars to Rhizophagus Irregularis Inoculation under Low Phosphorus Availability

Authors: Lazarević, B., Carović-Stanko, K., Šatović, Z.

Journal: Plants, 9 (1): 14

Year: 2020

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Title: Eight youth work on research  $ 37.5 million: ‘We want to find drought-resistant plants’

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Short summary: Eight young people, immediately or shortly after graduation, were given the opportunity to pursue science. The Centre of excellence for biodiversity and molecular plant breeding received a total of HRK 37.5 million for the Biodiversity and Molecular Plant Breeding project. The aim of the research, which is mostly funded by the European Regional Development Fund, is to find new varieties to improve Croatian agriculture by discovering new varieties. We spoke to PhD student Ana Nimac, whose job, she says, is to ‘find a common bean that can withstand drought conditions and can be a desirable source of genes for further breeding programs’.

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