The presentation of the research project entitled ‘Biodiversity and Molecular Plant Breeding’ was held at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture on September 12th, 2018. The project has been granted to the Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity and Molecular Plant Breeding (CroP-BioDiv).

Mrs Smiljana Goreta Ban, PhD. was the moderator of the presentation.

The welcoming speeces have been delivered by the academician Franjo Tomić, president of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, professor Zoran Grgić, PhD., Dean of the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture and associated professor Zvonimir Zdunić, PhD., director of the Agricultural Institute Osijek.

Professor Zlatko Šatović, PhD., the project leader presented the overall aims and goals of the project. Mr. Dario Novoselović, PhD. presented the research on three main crops grown in Croatia (maize, wheat, soybean), Ms. Tatjana Klepo, PhD. explained the research that will be carried out concerning grape vine and olive, and professor Zlatko Liber talked about neglected crops that include Brassicas, Alliums, common bean, Dalmatian sage and Dalmatina pyrethrum. As the repesentative of PhD. students and post-docs Ms. Petra Štambuk, M.Sc. reported on current status of the newly employed scientific stuff.







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